Question: How much is it to rent a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine?

Answer: Our prices vary depending on the size of machine you need which is determined by the number of people at your trade show and the number of hours of the show. Please call us so we can help guide you to the machine we think will be just right for your show.

Question: Our Trade Show is four days long; do we have to clean it every night?

Answer: NO, our machines have a night switch so all you have to do is flip a switch at the end of each day of your show. You won’t have to rinse the machine out until the last day of your show.

Question: How hard is it to ship to us and for us to uncrate it and set it up?

Answer: It is very easy for us to ship it to you because we have custom made crates just for our machines. When you get the crate, one side of the crate will fold down into a ramp and you will simply roll the cart that the machine is on down the ramp right into your booth.

Question: Does it matter where our show is?

Answer: No, we will ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous States.

Question: Are the machines easy to use?

Answer: Yes, Very Easy. When you get the machine to wherever you are going to have it during the show you just plug it in, pour in the ready to use ice cream mix, turn the machine on and that’s it! These machines are VERY expensive, if it was too hard we would not trust the thousands of renters that we have already rented to.

Question: How long does it take to make ice cream?

Answer: About 10 – 15 minutes

Question: How long will the ice cream last before I have to make another batch?

Answer: There are no real batches, as long as you keep the reservoir (hopper) on the top of the machine filled with mix the machine will constantly make ice cream without stopping. Depending on the size of your show you might have to fill the machine once or twice each day after the initial startup.

Question: How will I know when to fill the machine?

Answer: The machine has a mix low light that will come on and remind you to fill it.

Question: What if I don’t have a plug near the machine? Can I use an extension cord?

Answer: Yes, we will ship a 50 foot extension cord if you rent one of our 115 V machines or a 100 foot extension cord if you rent one of our 220 V machines. We only want you to use our heavy-duty extension cords.

Question: What kind of outlet do I need?

Answer: If you rent a 115-volt machine you need a DEDICATED 20-amp outlet. This should not be a problem at most shows just remember to tell them it needs to be dedicated outlet. These machines pull about 18 amps and HAVE to be on a DEDICATED 20 amp. outlet.

Question: Do I have to clean the machine?

Answer: All the renter needs to do is run warm fresh water through the machine at the end of the show until the water coming out of the spigot is clear and wipe the machine down with a damp cloth. The machine should be returned looking as clean as when you got it without taking it apart. When we get the machine back we have to take it apart, thoroughly clean and sanitize it before it can go out again.

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