Drawing Traffic to your Trade Show Booth –

You registered for the show, spent money on pre-show advertising and promotional products, and there you are... waiting for the traffic to come.

To be competitive today, trade show exhibitors need to grab people's attention to their booth.

Grab and Go give-a-ways -                                                                                  Pens, folders, caps. calculators, mouse pads, rulers, combs, shirts, coffee mugs, candy, bags, nail files, letter openers, etc...

How many times have you picked up one of these items at a trade show or worse yet tried one of these as a way to bring people into your booth. We call these items Grab and Go’s. You might give a lot of them away but does this really mean your show was successful for you? Usually it doesn’t because most of the people that took your little trinkets, never actually talked with you because they grabbed the item and took off to the next booth. You know what I’m talking about, we have all done this.

The whole idea of exhibiting at a Trade Show is to TALK to potential new customers or to strengthen relationships with current customers that stop by your booth, NOT to spend thousands of dollars for booth space and then spend more money on “promo” items that don’t accomplish what you are really hoping to get –PEOPLE IN YOUR BOOTH and most importantly, sticking around instead of walking by your booth or worse yet grabbing your promotional item and leaving in seconds.

Solution -
You need something in your booth that appeals to practically EVERYONE attending the show - You need something that will create a “buzz" throughout the show - Attract people to your booth and keep them there long enough to give your Sales Reps an opportunity to talk with them.

We rent Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines for Trade Shows, having one of these machines in your booth will do all these things and more.

You need to offer a promotion a lot of people like and would draw them to your booth. 

Almost everyone likes ice cream. People from 2 to 92 years of age love Ice Cream.

You need a promotional product that will create a "buzz" at the show.

Giving away Soft Serve Ice Cream will do this. EVERYBODY will be talking about the free ice cream OR they will see people walking around the show with it and naturally you will have your company name on the cup that the ice cream is in.  Your company name and logo will be seen over and over throughout the whole trade show. With this product you might actually see a potential customer in your booth several times during the show because they will keep coming back for more ice cream further enhancing the visibility of your organization and brand.  How many times do you get people coming back for a letter opener?

You need a promotional product that will have people stay in your booth for a while.

When you have one of our machines in your booth you have to make sure they have to ask one of your booth personnel to dispense it for them and while your Rep. is dispensing ice cream, the Sales Rep can start qualifying that person "What do you do?" "Who's products are you using now" ect.. After your Rep is done dispensing they ask them if they want some Hot Fudge while continuing talking to them and qualifying them as a lead. After the visitor gets their Ice Cream they tend to stay in the booth for a while because they were just given a premium product and they feel obligated to stay and talk.  PERFECT, that is just what you were hoping for.  It is imperative that your promotional product gives you the opportunity not only to attract people but allow you to talk with them that is the reason you are at the trade show.

We have been renting Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines for years to thousands of people and we are very good at what we do.  We know your Trade Show is very important to you and we will go out of our way to make your show as successful as possible for you. If you try us and find out everything we said is true, we have a very good chance of keeping you as long time customer so rest assured we do everything possible to make it as easy and successful as possible for you.

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